Franklin Knox Photography


Who needs top-of-the-line professional headshots?

Anonymity and online invisibility are the enemies of all professionals.  If you need to be noticed and stand out among the crowds of other professionals in your field,  you need a high-end corporate headshot, acting headshot, or professional headshot.  The benefits don’t stop there; a polished personal brand affects the size of your network, your income, and even your ability to find a date.   Anyone who wants to be taken seriously, to be respected, and who needs to expand their network should keep that ever-important first impression in mind.

Why is a selfie or a mediocre professional photo a bad thing for my career?

A mediocre headshot or selfie snapshot may be causing career damage and missed opportunities for you because it makes you appear to lack professionalism or suggests your message or career is worth minimal investment.

It’s not necessary to be stuck in invisibility mode or be respected less than you should be because you don’t have an awesome headshot!

Why should I choose you?

In a society where anyone can legally buy a camera and impersonate a professional photographer, hiring a Certified Professional Photographer brings added peace of mind.

I can help because I have had in-person extensive training by world-class photographers and have more than 30 years of full-time photography experience.

I care and want to help you transform your look and personal brand.  I’ll help you get noticed!

What is your plan?

A. You should Schedule your Photography Session NOW.
B. Enjoy a pre-session information conversation with me so I can personally answer all of your questions about your upcoming headshots. I will share information about clothing selection, makeup options if needed, and will confirm your choice of location.  You will ALWAYS know what to expect every step of the way!
C. During photography, I’ll coach you on facial expression, posing, and body language, and will help you feel at ease. You will always know what we’re doing and what is next.  I don’t put a time limit on headshot sessions so we have the freedom to work until you can let your guard down and experiment with facial expressions and poses.   I’ll remind you that we will delete every photo that you don’t love and no one will ever see them!   We will create a variety of shots to meet all of your needs, and you will be able to change outfits as often as you like so that we get as many looks as you want.
D. There is no waiting for proofs! After photography, I will help you go through all of your shots and narrow down your favorites.  You will then choose the shots you love and purchase them.  Those not selected are deleted.
E. A week later you will receive your professionally retouched portraits.

How is this going to change my life?

You will get noticed! You will have top-of-the-line headshots that will capture the attention of every person who visits your site or profile.  More people will pay attention to your message and will instantly recognize you as a confident and approachable person and will want to connect with you.

Professional Headshots

Avoiding failure?

With the cachet and prominence of your superior headshots and your new appearance, you are going to avoid the failure of seeming unremarkable and insignificant, or worse, forgettable to those visiting your profile, biography page, or website.

What are your rates?

Sessions are priced on a flat-fee retainer.  No printed or digital images are included in the flat-fee retainer.
Headshot Session $300
Portrait Session $400
You only buy the number of images that you want so you decide the final cost!
The cost of images is $65.00 each and includes professional retouching.

Why are my session fees different from headshots to portraits?

In headshots, we will do a variety from the chest up only, vary the background, and to a lesser degree the lighting. Portraits require more planning, creativity, time, and equipment.

Will you set up at my home, church, or office?

You are more comfortable in your own space and have a busy career and life.  Although you may come to me, I prefer to bring my studio equipment to you and offer professional headshots and portraits at a location of your choice.  We’ll discuss space requirements during our consultation call.

If I don’t have a suitable location for your photography setup, can you offer a location?


How many images do you create for me?

This is your choice and we will create as many as you need.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer day and half-day rates for office and corporate pricing. New-hire and on-boarding discounts for corporate and business clients are available. Contact me for office and corporate pricing

What clothing should I bring?

Bring clothing that you love. Additionally bring outfits that are appropriate for work, social media, and your personal life.  After you book your session I will give you as much guidance as you need.

What about makeup?

Makeup is often a good idea for women, but it is usually overdone for headshots.  I will be delighted to suggest a hairstylist and makeup artist or work with those of your choice.

Evonne Burns frequently works with me when I do headshots near Charlottesville and Albemarle County.  To avoid the overdone look, Evonne starts with a very light touch and helps to create additional looks as the session progresses.  If you’re interested, we’ll help arrange this for you.  

How well can you execute stylistic guidelines?

I have a lot of experience.  I am able to follow guidelines faithfully. When given a photograph I can easily reverse engineer the lighting patterns and recreate the style.

How consistent are the deliverables?

I will provide whatever level of consistency is needed.  I have photographed portraits of more than 60,000 individual college and high school seniors for yearbooks in the past and was 100% successful in meeting all specifications.

What lens do you use?

For consistency of style I often use a 105mm prime lens.  I own a variety of lenses and will choose the right tools for the assignment.

Can you show us “before/after” examples of headshots?

I do have a few samples of client’s old headshots to compare to professional headshots that I created for them.