Corporate headshot photography

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with Professional Corporate Headshots by Franklin Knox

Is your brand’s narrative drowning in a sea of uninspiring budget headshots? First impressions matter, and those lackluster photos are the anchors weighing down your website’s compelling story.


Let me guide you in crafting captivating headshots that not only create a lasting first impression, earning the respect your brand deserves, but also enhance recall. Your team members will become unforgettable, even to those who have yet to meet them.


You’ve invested thousands in your company’s website and printed materials. Is it worth jeopardizing all of that with low-budget headshots?

Of course not.


With over 35 years of dedicated, full-time photographic experience, I offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to business photography. From impactful digital headshots to meticulously crafted wall portraits and corporate photography for publications and websites, I skillfully cater to all your photographic needs, always committed to maintaining the highest standards.


By choosing Franklin Knox Photography, you gain the convenience of a single photographer who excels at representing your brand consistently across various platforms. Say goodbye to overused stock images that can dilute your company’s authenticity and eliminate the hassle of coordinating multiple photographers—I streamline the process for you, ensuring a perfect alignment with your transformed identity.


Don’t let budget headshots hold your brand back. Elevate your image with Franklin Knox Photography and start making the right impression today.


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