Franklin Knox Photography

Meet Franklin Knox

Meet Franklin Knox

I help my clients battle anonymity by creating headshots that will make people stop scrolling and notice.  My headshots tell the story of who you are and will help you command respect. 

I am a Certified Professional Photographer with over 30 years of full-time photography experience.  I was trained by famous photographers and Certified and Master Photographers. Now, after decades of photographing many thousands of happy clients, I am still taking classes and training regularly to update my skill and improve my art.

People don’t read social media pages and websites, they scan them.  They form opinions about you based on your photo and either want to know more about you and your message -or you are invisible and they ignore and forget you.   I want to help you battle anonymity by helping you transform your personal brand with truly professional headshots.  I care and I want to help!

I love photographing people and I take pride in helping my clients improve and transform their personal brand with better headshots.   Schedule me for your headshots, corporate headshots, actor headshots, or for your office headshots.  I do truly excellent Doctor Headshots, Attorney Headshots, Real Estate Headshots, and Theatrical Headshots.

As a Professional Headshot Photographer, I am able to do on-location headshots and can photograph group photos of your board of directors and office groups.  In their own environment with minimal disruptions, I’l do your staff headshots, office headshots, or employee headshots.

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